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Pathology – Diagnostics

TweetIntroduction Diagnostics can either be directed toward the organ/organ system or the likely pathological process Common Diagnostics for Pathological Processes Infection – white cell count, MCS (of bodily fluids/discharges) including… Read more »

Symptoms by Organ Dysfunction

TweetSYMPTOMS OF ORGAN DYSFUNCTION Symptom Organ function Palpitations Cardiac electrical Dyspnoea Cardiac mechanical Respiratory Neuromuscular Faints CVS Dysphagia / Regurgitation Oral-pharyngeal Upper GIT Neuromuscular Diarrhoea / Staetorrhea Lower GIT Urinary… Read more »

Symptoms by Pathology

Tweet SYMPTOM DISEASE PROCESS Fever Infection Neoplasm Chronic inflammation Toxicological Weight loss Chronic Infection Chronic inflammation Neoplastic Metabolic-Endocrine

Symptoms by anatomy

TweetIntroduction The location of pain give an important clue to where the pathological process is occurring. Be wary of referred pain from diseases in the nervous system or with distant… Read more »

Management – Risk:Benefit

TweetManagement options can be broadly divided into Directed/Specific treatment e.g. angioplasty for MI Empirical treatment (treatment covers likely possibilities) e.g. broad spectrum antibiotics for bacterial meningitis Expectant / Supportive treatment (treatment is not reliant… Read more »

Pathology – Disease and Environment

TweetExamples of how occupations, hobbies and behaviours that place patients at risk for disease Diet Occupation – chemical (mines, factories, agriculture), biological (abbatoirs, bio-labs, animal handlers), radiation (medical imaging, nuclear… Read more »

The Patient Consultation

Tweet Identify likely organ affected and disease process Establish the possible anatomical region or organ system suggested by the presenting complaint Evaluate the presenting complaint in detail (follow any of… Read more »

Diagnostics – Structure and Function

TweetIntroduction Advanced diagnostics are targeted towards either evaluating structure (via medical imaging.  endoscopic visualisation or pathological evaluation) or function Medical imaging can either display disruption of anatomical structure (e.g. hydrocephalus,… Read more »

Pathology – Aetiology

TweetCauses can be predisposing, precipitating, perpetuating During your assessment it is important to chronic underlying issues or acute insults or triggers that preceded the onset of clinical symptoms or organ… Read more »