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The ECG and Electrolyte Abnormalities

TweetINTRODUCTION Various electrolyte disorders can result in abnormalities to the resting ECG ranging to clinically significant arrhythmias Hyperkalaemia is the commonest abnormality that can lead to significant arrhythymias General factors… Read more »

Chest Pain – Causes

TweetIntroduction Assuming the patient is not critically unwell or has ECG findings of a STEMI, then a more systematic history should be taken Chest Pain can arise from several organs: heart,… Read more »

Chest Pain – Critically Unwell

TweetIntroduction A rare event  The  patient presents with chest pain and critically unwell with significant hypoxia, respiratory distress and/or hypotension. Most are due to acute complications, some are the result… Read more »

Acute Coronary Syndromes

TweetIntroduction Implies that there is a dynamic coronary occlusion usually due to atherosclerotic plaque rupture and thrombus formation.  It may or may not result in myocardial injury. Classically causes unprovoked… Read more »

Clinical Documentation

TweetIntroduction Good documentation is easy to follow, provides a logical explanation of the conclusions made, the response to interventions and makes clear the way forward Bad documentation results in misled… Read more »