Related Sites

Here are useful sites that cover some fundamental topics in medicine.   Most of these are Australian authored unless otherwise indicated.  Many are well-referenced and contain links to other popular sites.

  • EMBasic – Targeted at medical students and junior EM doctor (USA)
  • OnTheWards – Articles and  podcast targeted at junior hospital doctors.  Moderated by an Emergency Physician but broad contribution by hospital registrars.
  • The Chief Complaint – Uses simple algorithmic approaches to undifferentiated problems (CC app is free)
  • EMRA – Basics of Emergency Medicine
  • FOAM4GP – GP-based site
  • Don’t Forget the Bubbles – Paeds EM site and now regular contributor to Emergency Medicine Australasia
  • Life in the Fast Lane – The original #FOAMed site.  Founded by the inexhaustible Mike Cadogan, it now has a large faculty of regular contributors.  Comprehensive  and rapidly expanding.  It is the standard by which other sites measure their Impact Factor.  Warning – some topics are highly advanced