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Disentangling The History

Junior doctors often struggle to develop a management plan when assessing patients with a convoluted history or an unrecognisable constellation of symptoms and signs. It is particularly complicated when patients… Read more »

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Bridging The Divide

  Reproduced with kind permission from Placebo January 2011 Edition. Bridging the divide Observing medical students today, it is interesting to watch them still struggle with the same difficulties as… Read more »

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The Learning Conversation

Introduction The Learning Conversation is a teaching technique based on Pask and Scott’s work on Conversation Theory to support student-centred learning. It is an interactive and interative process stemming from… Read more »

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Antibiotics are commonly prescribed medications in the acute setting It is useful to commit to memory the regimes for common infections e.g. pneumonia, urinary tract infections and cellulitis For more… Read more »

Is It An Emergency?

For those unfamiliar to Acute Medicine, the decision whether a patient requires hospital admission sometimes can be a confusing and vexing one. There are obvious situations.  We tend to think… Read more »

Playing the Simulation Game

  Introduction Simulation is becoming a popular education modality attracting an increasing amount of research and discussion.   Fidelity is a heavily debated subject which involves a crafted combination of… Read more »

Learning Insights

Memory organization Knowledge can be declarative (facts) or set actions or processes (procedural) Information is more likely to be memorised in the long-term if it has meaning (relates to what… Read more »