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Case Presentations

Tweet OPENING/INTRODUCTORY SENTENCE Attempt to encapsulate the entire patient assessment in 1-2 sentences. Stable or unstable?  Mild/Moderately/Severely unwell? Total duration of illness and 1-3 key symptoms. Chronological progression – acute,… Read more »

Clinical Handover

Tweet INTRODUCTION Can be verbal or in written form Identified as an event that regularly presents high risk-exposure to patient care Incomplete or misinterpreted information leads to delays in patient review,… Read more »

Headache – Assessment

Tweet ACUTE HEADACHE (this section does not consider traumatic causes of headache) Consider early CT brain if rapid onset of headache to rule out expanding space-occupying lesion particularly if there… Read more »

Permissive Hypotension

Tweet Is a resuscitation strategy in catastrophic bleeding in which the aim is not to normalise haemodynamic parameters but to obtain minimal levels of perfusion prior to a definitive intervention to… Read more »

Abdominal Pain – Assessment

Tweet ACUTE ABDOMINAL PAIN Analgesia early  in assessment usually improves the accuracy of abdominal findings Early IV access, surgical opinion, fluid resuscitation prior to completing assessment if patient is shocked don’t… Read more »

Abdominal Pain – Chronology

TweetChronology in conjunction with location and associated symptoms generally will help narrow down the diagnostic possibilities in acute abdominal pain ABRUPT OR RAPID Generally suggests serious pathology such as acute… Read more »