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Tweet Antibiotics are commonly prescribed medications in the acute setting It is useful to commit to memory the regimes for common infections e.g. pneumonia, urinary tract infections and cellulitis For… Read more »

Surgery – Principles

Tweet Introduction An extensive discussion of every surgical procedure is beyond the scope of this website For non-surgeons, the important considerations are the conditions and typical indications which suggest surgery… Read more »

Chronic Pain Syndromes

Tweet Introduction A proportion of patients suffer debilitating physical pain that persist after an initial insult Despite extensive investigation including imaging, no reversible cause can be identified The pathophysiology is… Read more »


Tweet Is the mechanical compression of a spinal nerve root as it exits the spinal canal It clinically presents as progression from unilateral paraesthesia in a dermatomal distribution in mild… Read more »

Basic Radiology

TweetHere are some useful sites to get started Radiopaedia – Basic curriculum Radiology Masterclass – for students and junior doctors Raby, Accident & Emergency Radiology Survival Guide – is well worth having… Read more »

Case Formulation

Tweet Introduction Is a process that summarise the key issues about a patient’s condition It is the essential step before fully developing investigative strategy and a management plan Invariably as… Read more »