The Parable of the Young Clinician

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Young Clinician: What must I do to become a good clinician?

Older Clinician: Study hard.

Young Clinician: Yes.  I know that already!  But what does THAT mean?

Older Clinician: Read widely.  Apply wisely.  Practise Attentively.  Work Earnestly.  Reflect frequently.

Young Clinician: That sounds much too difficult.  How about this…. What must I do to pass THE exam?

Older Clinician:  That’s not easy either.   Maybe you should just memorise the protocols instead.  That will keep your patients safe and would require much less effort for all of us.

Young Clinician: Protocols!  That’s for people with no imagination who don’t know what they are doing.  What should I do instead?

Older Clinician:  Study hard.


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