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Memorising a script will make re-accreditation easy and less stressful

This one is for Paediatrics….

  • D – “I will only approach the patient if there is no apparent danger to myself, the patient or others”
  • R – “I will check for a response by holding the patient’s head and shaking their arm” saying loudly “are you alright?”
  • S – ”If there is no apparent response,I will shout ‘Help. Help. I need some help’
  • A – “I will then position ^ the person’s head and open the airway like this”. “I will gently suction if there is any blood, vomitus and secretions then look, listen and feel for breathing….if that doesn’t work and assuming there is no neck trauma I will give a chin lift and check again……if that doesn’t work I will provide a jaw thrust and check again…
  • B – “If they are not breathing * I will give 2 effective rescue breaths until the chest rises like this”
  • C – “I will then check for a pulse in the femoral or brachial artery…….if there is no pulse I will commence compressions # over the lower half of the sternum to 1/3rd the depth of the chest at a rate of 100-120 compressions a minute like this….Every 15 compressions I will give 2 breaths….I will confirm if help has arrived”
^ Head positioning should be
  • Neutral position or towel roll under shoulders for infant
  • Head on small towel therefater
* For adults
  • Skip straight from “If they are not breathing” to “I will then check for a pulse” without giving rescue breaths.
  • Instead of every 15 compressions I will give 2 breaths” say “every 30 compressions I will give 2 breaths”
# Compression technique should be
  • Two finger or Encircling thumbs up to a small infant
  • One hand up to primary school age
  • Two hands after primary school age

See Resus UK – BLS guidelines for more information

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