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Source of Infection

Tweet   Introduction Usually a thorough review of systems on history is enough to identify the likely source of infection (the screening questions on the left side column is generally… Read more »

ACS/STEMI mimics

TweetACS/STEMI mimics seen in acute pathology Other acute cardiac pathology Acute Non-cardiac pathology ACS/STEMI mimics Conduction abnormalities Pre-existing structural cardiac disease Normal variants

Electrolyte Disorders

Tweet Patho-physiology A change in serum electrolyte concentrations can be either due to a change in input, output or trans-compartmental shift Changes in input are affected by enteral or parenteral… Read more »

The ECG in Chest Pain

Tweet Introduction A common indication for an ECG is in a patient presenting with acute chest pain or features suspicious for an acute coronary syndrome The most important diagnosis to… Read more »