O & G Scenarios

Gynaecology Scenarios

Child and Adolescent gynae

Vulvovaginal conditions

Menstrual conditions

Other important problems

'I had unprotected sex last night and worried I have caught something' (STDs) *
'I've been getting pain' (acute and chronic pelvic pain) *
'Sex is painful' (dysparenunia)
'Is all this hair normal?' (hirsuitism)
Abnormal PV tenderness or mass / abnormal mass on ultrasound
Embarrassing accidents (incontinence)

Post-menopausal symptoms

'What can I do about these hot flushes?' (Managing the climacteric) *
'Why have I started bleeding again?' (post-menopausal bleeding)*

Obstetric Scenarios


Early pregnancy issues

Preventative health care

Late Pregnancy issues