Medical student ward orientation guide

The ward medical hierarchy

Nursing is roughly similar - Clinical nurse manager > Clinical nurse > Senior RN > Junior RN > Graduate Nurse (GNP) > Enrolled nurse (EN)

Local experience often out-trumps seniority e.g. F/T > P/T or casual

Technically a visiting specialist is a consultant or visiting medical specialist (VMS) but a full time hospital specialist is a 'staff specialist' (in USA 'the attending physician or 'attending' versus the 'visiting')

'Service registrar' has the responsibility of a registrar but is not in the training program.

Sometimes the distinction between senior resident and junior registrar is blurred

A 'Fellow' is often a twelve month advanced training position for someone either newly qualified or about to qualify for their specialty. They often get terribly offended if you accidently call them the registrar. You may make this worse by calling them the junior consultant.

Ward routine - An example

each unit runs slightly differently or even randomly e.g. morning clinics and theatre lists, afternoon consultant rounds
additional duties include providing specialty consults to other units and admitting new patients
in the private sector there are no layers i.e. the specialist organises everything themselves

The ward clinical nurse manager or the registrar usually are able to provide the weekly routine.

Information required for clinical decisions

Specific nursing insructions - 'DAFIT'

Social worker roles (some)