Studying renal physiology

The best way of thinking about this is to consider derangements to osmolality, (i.e. H2O), serum electrolytes (i.e. Na, K, Ca/Phos) or acid-base (H+/pH) and how the kidney would respond.

e.g. if serum potassium high then......., if pH low then.....

Important questions to answer for each electrolyte:
  1. Where is the site of greatest reabsorption and how does it occur?
  2. Where is the major site for regulation e.g. secretion. reabsorption and what are the controls especially hormones?
  3. What situations can impair the regulation of this and how? e.g. decrease/increase hormones, diuretics

Make a table for each electrolyte plotted against the different parts of the nephron e.g. PCT, PT, LH (desc/asc), DCT, CD. List the major channel transporters for each section and indicate what controls its function.