Exam technique tips - how to answer questions comprehensively

The best way of learning how to answer exam questions is to do old ones

General advice

Biochemical pathway

e.g. beta oxidation of fatty acid, Krebs cycle

Physiology process / Endocrine pathway

e.g. blood pressure, carbon dioxide tension, aldosterone

Asked to draw a graph

e.g. oxygen diassociation curve, drug-receptor binding


e.g. facial nerve, sympathetic nervous system

Disease / Pathology / Immunology/ Microbiology

e.g. atherosclerosis, TB

Surgical processes - derangements of anatomy

e.g. tumours, infections

Histological structure

e.g. liver

Clinical features - symptoms and signs

e.g. shock

Pharmacodynamic concepts

e.g. heroin-naloxone,


e.g. alcohol

Clinical medicine

e.g. diabetic ketoacidosis

Infectious disease

e.g. bacterial, viral, fungal

Basic Clinical pharmacology - drugs

e.g. penicillin, aspirin, beta blocker