Advanced immunology (in construction)

Types of cytokines and inflammatory mediators

Types of immune cells

The major histocompatibility complex (MHC) & antigen presentation

Immunglobulin isotopes

The respiratory burst

The complement cascade

Types of hypersensitivity reactions

Type I (Ig E anaphylaxis)

Type II (Ab mediated injury)

Type III (Ag-Ab immune complex deposition injury)

Type IV (T cell mediated injury)

Type V (receptor mediated)

Major events of adaptive immunity

B cell activation (humoural / antibody mediated)

Often any single micro-organism has multiple and various antigenic sites (epitopes) which can activate a number of specific B cells by binding to the corresponding paratope of the antibody

T cell activation (cell mediated)

APC / MHC II response
Infected host cell / MHC I response