Domestic Violence: Referral Services

For Counselling / support / access to community services

Northern Domestic Violence Service Inc.

  • Provides information, crisis counselling and accomodation.
  • ( 8255 3622  
  • Link to Further information on this new service.

Northern Metropolitan Community Health Service

  • Provide domestic violence support groups
  • Run men’s groups for perpetrators of domestic violence
  • Phone between 1pm to 3 pm on weekdays to talk with a counsellor who will then arrange an appointment, often within a day or two if necessary.
  • ( Elizabeth 8282 1206 Munno Para 8254 1444
    Northern Women’s 8252 3711 Tea Tree Gully 8263 1155
    Ingle Farm 8396 1345 Salisbury West 8281 7644

Domestic Violence Outreach Service (DVOS)

  • Provides telephone counselling services and specifically discusses women’s needs and provides appropriate referral as indicated.
  • Weekdays from 9.00a.m. - 5.00p.m.
  • ( 8267 4830

Where there is an immediate risk to safety

Police : Will assist by

  • Stopping immediate violence
  • Arresting and charging the abuser with criminal or sexual assault
  • Arranging an application for a Summary Protection Order (Restraining order)
  • Contacting crisis care to assist the woman

Elizabeth Police Domestic Violence Unit

The S.A. Police Department has established a Unit to cover domestic violence in the northern and north eastern areas. Its officers are specially trained to provide assistance, intervention and referral advice to parties involved in a domestic dispute.

( 8207 9473

For practical assistance in order to leave

1. Domestic Violence Outreach Service (DVOS)

  • Operates weekdays 9 to 5 pm
  • Provides telephone counselling services
  • Specifically discusses women’s needs and provides appropriate referral as indicated
  • Will assist women and their children to leave by arranging accommodation, police attendance
  • Provide counsellors weekdays from 9.00a.m. - 5.00p.m.
  • ( 8267 4830

2. Family and Community services

  • Provides community support workers to assist women to leave a violent situation
  • Emergency financial assistance is accessible (for transport costs, some white goods, emergency accommodation costs etc)
  • Social workers are also available to discuss options and other matters connected with the home situation

3. Crisis Care offers these services after hours

  • Crisis Care : Provide Counsellors after hours and on weekends.
  • They will talk to you and your partner either separately or together immediately after the violence has happened and discuss options. They can visit your home in some circumstances.
  • ( 13 1611

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