Information about Sprained Ankles

1. To facilitate speedy recovery use the R.I.C.E. method with the aim of reducing swelling and pain.

Relative Rest with the use of crutches as directed.
Ice A bag of ice 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off, as often as possible, for about 3 days.
Compression with a compression bandage/tight stocking from toes to above the ankle; remove for showering.
Elevation Resting affected leg on pillows to a height above the heart

2. Report immediately to hospital or your doctor if you have:

- Marked blueness or whiteness in your toes.
- Numbness or loss of feeling in your toes.
- Marked swelling of your toes.

3. Medication should be taken as prescribed.

4. In moderate sprains of the ankle, patients should not put weight on the affected leg for 3 days, but should then mobilise as much as is possible without causing pain.

5. In general, you should be able to:
- walk without crutches by one week
- be able to perform moderate exercise by 2-3 weeks
- return to normal activities by 6 weeks

6. Any activity that causes severe pain should be avoided.

7. Strapping of the ankle is recommended until the ankle ligaments have healed completely. If engaging in strenuous activity, this may be required for at least 6 weeks following injury.

8. Early physiotherapy can speed your recovery, particularly if you play sport.