A two tiered trauma team call out system is used:

  1. If any of the absolute criteria are met the trauma team should be activated.
  2. If none of the absolute criteria are present and any historical criteria are present, the patient should undergo a primary survey on arrival.
  3. If any Absolute Criteria are detected on primary survey, the Trauma Team should be notified and Triaged Category 1.

If none of the listed examination findings are present, the trauma team should not be activated and the patient triaged to whichever category is considered to be appropriate.

Trauma Team Call-out maybe initiated by:

the Ambulance Service
the Triage Nurse
the examining doctor in the Emergency Department

A trauma team call out is activated by ringing Switchboard on 33#.

Absolute Criteria

1    Respiratory Distress

2. Shock

3. Neurological Abnormality

4. Other Major Injuries apparent

5. Pregnancy >24 weeks

6. 3 or more trauma patients with non trivial injuries

Historical Criteria

Some centres omit historic call-out criteria.

All patients with any of these historical criteria should undergo immediate primary survey on arrival and the trauma team activated if any of the absolute criteria are present.

  1. MVA at a speed over 60kph
  2. MBA at a speed over 30kph
  3. Pedestrian or cyclist hit by a vehicle travelling at a speed greater than 30kph
  4. MVA in which anyone died or was ejected from the vehicle
  5. MVA with severe vehicle damage
  6. Fall further than 5 metres