Foreign Body Ingestion

90 - 95% of ingested foreign bodies pass without difficulty.

Who is at risk of ingesting FBs?

Where do FBs get caught?

What are high risk FBs?

Symptoms and Signs


Usually a single AP CXR is all that is necessary to:

Asymptomatic children with a history of FB ingestion should be X-rayed.

NB: Coins in the oesophagus lie in the coronal plane (ie. in face in AP film), whereas those in the trachea lie in the sagittal plane.

Who can be sent home ?

Who should be observed ?

Who requires intervention?

Special cases and manoeuvres

Oesophageal meat impaction

Paediatric coin ingestion

Button Battery ingestion

Sharp objects

Rectal FBs

Summary of Do's and Dont's:



Adapted from the SCGH Emergency Manual
SLJ 16/10/2000