Major Psychiatric conditions

Depression Depression, sadness, hopelessness, helplessness, worthlessness, anhedonia depressed, withdrawn, tearful, psychomotor retardation, slowed speech
Major Depression above + loss of appetite, early morning wakening, diurnal mood variation as above
Acute Mania increased energy, decreased sleep requirements, elevated mood agitation, pacing, pressured speech, elevated mood, grandiose delusions
Acute psychosis delusions, ideas of reference, paranoia, odd beliefs, auditory hallucinations, thought insertion, thought blocking, magical thinking tangential, circumstantial speech, loosening of associations, neologisms, bizarre ideas, paranoia, blunted or perplexed affect, auditory hallucinations


Depression Do you ever feel that life is not worth living?
Have you lost interest in your usual hobbies?
Major Depression Do you have trouble sleeping recently
Do you feel refreshed when you wake up?
Do you feel better as the day goes on?
Have you lost your appetite recently?
Acute Mania Have you felt that you recently needed less sleep than usual?
Have you noticed you have more energy than usual?
Do you feel that you could accomplish anything you really want to do?
Do you believe that you have special powers?
Acute psychosis Have you ever had a strange experience which you could not explain? Tell me about it.
Do you ever feel that someone is following you/spying on you?
Sometimes people hear voices from people they cannot see.  Does this happen to you?
Do you ever feel that someone is able to read your mind?
Do you ever get special messages from the radio/TV?
Have you ever felt that someone is interfering with your thoughts?