Too much FOAM?


In the date rich Information age, it is easy to get overloaded by the sheer volume of #FOAMed resources available.   I have provided some basic sites to start you with, but you can also use technology to help manage technology.  Here are some useful suggestions:

RSS feeds – Most #FOAMed sites can automatically send new articles to an RSS reader eg. Feedly that can permanently store and categorise them that can be reviewed later

Electronic scrapbooks – There are apps e.g Pocket which enable you to easily to save documents and multi-media from a variety of social media sources  to your device for later reading or listening.

Twitter –  Many clinicians use Twitter as a rapid means of alerting followers to useful information.   It is possible to filter Twitter feeds by grouping together people you are following into Lists.  For instance I can control feeds which only contain Tweets on ultrasound images or just ECGs

Here is more information on how to learn how to manage information overload