Stress Management

Manage your thoughts Know the main issues with your patients and anticipate problems that may arise including non-response to treatment Have previously rehearsed strategies to deal with undifferentiated or defined… Read more »

Neoplasia – in a nutshell

Causes Usually chronic or recurrent exposure to: Biological agent e.g. HPV – cervical cancer Radiation e.g.  UV radiation – skin cancer Chemical agent e.g. smoking – lung cancer Strong genetic… Read more »

Chest Pain – Causes

Introduction Assuming the patient is not critically unwell or has ECG findings of a STEMI, then a more systematic history should be taken Chest Pain can arise from several organs: heart,… Read more »

Acute Coronary Syndromes

Introduction Implies that there is a dynamic coronary occlusion usually due to atherosclerotic plaque rupture and thrombus formation.  It may or may not result in myocardial injury. Classically causes unprovoked… Read more »