Simulation Pre-Briefing Script

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Hello Sophie,

My name is Derek and I am going to be your sim instructor for this session.


You may already have had some experience with simulation but this is how we like to perform it.

Sim learning is a useful educational tool that can help us rehearse for important clinical events that we rarely get the opportunity to experience for ourselves.

We want it to be a positive experience for you and your learning goals but remember

  • You will naturally feel stressed during the sim.  That is an important part of the learning experience.  If however, the experience was predominantly unhelpful, please speak to us later about how we can improve things next time.
  • It is important for everyone present to realise that what is observed is confidential, purely for your personal education and will not be fed back to your supervisors.  We will leave it to you to work out how to make full use of the lessons you obtained from the session.


It is impossible to completely mimic reality in sim but here are some useful tips to make the experience worthwhile:

During the sim I will provide off-stage prompts and cues but try to interact with the mannequin and props as close to real life rather than speaking directly with me.  Make a deliberate attempt at verbalising or demonstrating components of your assessment and management.   This also helps me to provide further cues as required.  Around the room you will find various props.  Use them.

Because of time constraints, some aspects of the sim will not happen in real-time and we may occasionally accelerate processes or even occasionally pause the scenario to make an important learning point.  Nevertheless you should proceed at the pace and order at which you would normally do things and we will fast-forward or suspend events as necessary.

You may be accustomed to having experienced staff in your institution to help and guide you but for the purpose of the simulation we will only provide you with junior assistants who are capable of following instructions but won’t have the necessary ability to initiate it by themselves.

At some stage in the sim, you may need to obtain external assistance.  They may not be able to provide immediate help, but in your interactions try to articulate what exactly is it that you wish for them to help you with.

Before we begin I’d like the other participants here  to also observe closely and assist me with feedback and comment afterwards as well.

Harry could I ask you to be that assistant.

Introduce scenario

In about 5 minutes you will see a patient with the following situation……

Confirm understanding

Can you repeat to me what you have understood?   Are you satisfied with the set-up and the props?

I will give you a few minutes to compose your thoughts and prepare your team….

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