Abdominal Pain – Assessment – Review of Systems

Screening Questions

    • Upper GIT – recent heartburn or indigestion, haematemesis, recent NSAID use, previous surgery
    • Lower GIT – PR bleeding, Diarrhoea (loose watery motions) Obstipation (neither passing stool or flatus), previous abdominal surgery
    • Hepato-biliary-pancreatic – jaundice, pale stool, known gallstone disease or alcohol use
    • Genito-urinary – dysuria, frequency, haematuria, history of renal calcui, previous urological surgery
    • Obstetric/gynaecological – menstrual history, amenorrhea, PV discharge, dyspareunia, risk factors for STI, inadequate use of┬ácontraception, previous gynaecological surgery or obstetric complications

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