Diabetes Mellitus – Therapeutics

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  1. Stimulate insulin release (sulphonylureas) e.g. glicazide
  2. Improve tissue utilisation of glucose (biguanides) e.g. metformin
  3. increase renal excretion of glucose (SGLT2 inhibtors) e.g. dapaglifozin
  4. alter GIT absorption of CHO (Alpha-glucosidase inhibitors) e.g. acarbose
  5. exogenous insulin

Type II Diabetes (insulin resistance predominates)

  1. Lifestyle change
  2. Oral medication
  3. Insulin (if above inadequate to attain BSL control)

Type I Diabetes (insulin deficiency)

  1. Lifestyle change
  2. Insulin

Further reading: Australian Therapeutic Guidelines (for specific regimes)

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